Yorkiepoo Information

Yorkiepoo History

The Yorkiepoo is a hybrid, and because of this they have a relatively short history. Generally, Yorkiepoo breeders like to breed Yorkiepoos from purebred Yorkshire terrier and Poodle parents. When crossing two breed lines the chance of genetic disease or issues are lessened. This breed is known to be at its healthiest when the mix is purebred. The goal of these hybrid breeders is not to create a whole new breed but to cross two purebreds to create a healthy ideal family pet.

Yorkiepoo Health

Yorkiepoos are known to be quite healthy; this is because they benefit from gene mixing and avoid a lot of the hereditary health problems that some Yorkies and Poodles may have. The average life span of a Yorkiepoo is about 15 years of age.

Yorkiepoos' Appearance

The Yorkiepoo mix breed is known to shed very little which makes it a great breed for people who suffer from allergies. Yorkiepoos are known to be a hypoallergenic dog breed. The breed will have a full coat of hair that should be maintained properly. You can take your new Yorkiepoo to a pet groomer or you can do a little bit of trimming yourself. Your new puppy will require brushing and bathing only when really necessary.

Yorkiepoo's Temperament

The Yorkiepoo breed is a mixed breed, or hybrid, that is very personable and playful. They love romping around with cats, dogs, or other housepets. The Yorkiepoo is much like the Yorkshire Terrier in that they are known to be brave and very loyal. They are also a lot like their Poodle background because they are also very sharp and catch on very quickly.

Yorkiepoos are a very gentle natured mixed breed. They are not mischievous by nature. As most Yorkshire terrier owners will know, housebreaking can be a bit of a challenge, but with the Yorkiepoos this housebreaking process seems to be much easier. The Yorkiepoo is known to be smart and very capable. The hybrid is one that is always eager to learn new tricks. If you are considering a Yorkiepoo for the family, they make a great fit. They make great family pets and work well around children.

Yorkiepoos do quite well inside the home and need only moderate exercise and outdoor activity. They are very active though, so an occasional walk outdoors is recommended.

Yorkiepoo's Role

The Yorkiepoo is known as a great family pet that is loving, playful, small in size, and healthy based on its hybrid mixing. This breed is one that is recommended for a large family or a single person who is looking for companionship and love.

Yorkiepoo Characteristics

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